Treetops Loyalty Reward

Join the Treetops Loyalty Reward Programme for a world of additional perks and loyalty privileges

Members get to enjoy preferential rates, special benefits,

and earn TT$ on qualifying bookings made online that can be used to offset future bookings!




Treetops Loyalty Reward
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Treetops Loyalty Reward is officially Launched on 4 September 2023


FAQs on the Treetops Loyalty Reward Programme 

1)What are the benefits of joining the Treetops Loyalty Reward Programme?

The Treetops Loyalty Reward Program allows members to earn instant discounts and rebates.

Join for free to earn, redeem and enjoy member exclusive benefits and offers.

2)What is the difference between the two tiers of Membership?

The Treetops Loyalty Reward offers two Membership tiers – Superior and Premium. All new Members join as Superior Members, the entry tier for the programme.

The exclusive benefits for the two different Membership tiers are illustrated on our webpage.

3)How can I qualify for the Premium Membership tier?

Superior Members shall be upgraded to the Premium Membership tier if they accumulate TT$2000 from Qualifying Stays within a period of twenty-four (24) months.

The Premium Membership tier is valid for twelve (12) months from the date which the Member is upgraded and is automatically renewed upon accumulation of TT$500 within the twelve (12) months of Premium Membership.

If the conditions for renewal of Premium Membership are not met, the Premium Membership will be reverted to Superior Membership.

4)How to redeem my TT$?

Redemption of TT$ for stays can only be made through the Treetops official website prior to payment.

TT$ shall only be redeemed to offset room rates for online bookings made through Treetops official website for Qualifying Stays that are a minimum of six (6) nights.

TT$ cannot be used to offset any extension of an initial Qualifying Stay; or cancellation charges or penalties, where applicable.

5)Do my TT$ expire?

TT$ will expire 12 months from the date that it is credited into the Member’s account.

Once expired, the TT$ cannot be redeemed for rewards or other products/services. Points cannot be sold, bartered, or exchanged for cash.

However,  TT$ can be transferred to other Treetops Loyalty Reward Members.

6)What counts as a Qualifying Stay?

A Qualifying Stay is a fully paid, non-cancelled stay of minimum of six (6) nights booked by a Member through their Treetops Loyalty Reward Membership account on the Treetops official website.

7)Do other expenses incurred during my stay at Treetops qualify to earn TT$?

No, incidental charges (Food & Beverages at Sunbird Café, Laundry, Business Centre etc.) at Treetops do not qualify to earn TT$.

TT$ is only awarded to a Qualifying Stay made through Treetops official website on a prevailing daily rate before taxes.

Monthly rates are not entitled to earn TT$.

8)Can I earn TT$ when I use TT$ to redeem for the stay?

TT$ are awarded on the final amount (before prevailing taxes) after deduction of all discounts and redemption of TT$ (if any).

9)When is the qualifying period to start earning TT$?

Treetops Loyalty Reward Members are able to earn TT$ for qualifying stay(s) booked via Treetops’ official website with effect from 4 September 2023.




Join us as a Treetops Loyalty Reward Member!Treetops Loyalty Reward

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