Green Philosophy at Treetops
Enhancing the Mind, Body and Soul


Better Indoor Air Quality & Indoor Environment at Treetops

As part of our regular indoor environment and green initiatives survey  conducted to gather feedback and to ensure the best environment for our guests, Treetops is proud to share the  following feedback from our guests in our survey.

95% of guests agreed that the air-filters fitted  have improved the indoor air quality within their apartments.

100% of guests considered their stay at Treetops a healthier and more refreshing one due to the green initiatives.

100% of guests have rated the green initiatives at Treetops as Good” or Very Good” 

“I really appreciate staying at Treetops with the emphasis on Green Initiatives and garden setting which provides shade and reduce the need for cooling ( reliance on air-conditioning load). Recycling and other green initiatives are also positive.” — Ms Brenda, in-house guest at Treetops.

*Based on data/comments collected during the Treetops Indoor Environment & Green Initiatives Survey.

We hope your stay at Treetops will not only be a memorable one for you and your loved ones, but a place where you know your health is always well taken care of. 

Discover Green

The Treetops Green Philosophy


Based on a strong belief in the virtues of a holistic approach to wellness, Treetops  is a serviced apartment in Singapore that is dedicated to going green and aims to offer the finest in eco-luxury living. Through the adoption of a Green Philosophy that inculcates healthy living practices and adopting state-of-the-art facilities with greener touches within your living areas and surrounding environment, we hope to nourish the body and elevate the spirit to give you a richer, more fulfilling Body, Mind & Soul experience.

Here are some of our unique offerings that we have for you.

Treetops Experience
MIND – Green Landscape

With 200 exotic plant species covering 60 percent of the estate land, a refreshing sight of evergreen foliage greets guests all year round. Based on the attention restoration theory (S. Kaplan, 1995), exposure to nature helps to reduce mental fatigue. 

In addition, according to Aruni Bhatnagar, Ph.D, lead study author and professor of medicine, University of Louisville, their 5-year study also shows that living in a neighbourhood dense with trees, bushes and other green vegetation may be good for the health of one’s heart and blood vessels.

Considering how nature promotes several health benefits, Treetops continuously enhances its unrivalled green landscape so that you can wake up to a luscious green canopy of native trees every morning. We also invite you to take a stroll at our Herbs and Spices Garden for a quick respite anytime.

Treetops Experience
MIND – Mindfulness about Going Green and Being Healthy: GO GREEN DAY

Treetops aspires to create a place where you can truly relax and unwind. We dedicate every alternate Friday as a “Go Green Day”, which aims to drive the message of caring for the Body and Mind through inculcating healthy living practices into our daily lives, all while playing a part for the environment too. All our staff will be in our Go green t-shirts on that day, and are encouraged to practice the 3 Don’ts:

  • Don’t drive; take public transport instead,
  • Don’t take the lift; use stairs wherever possible, and
  • Don’t take fried & oily food; opt for healthier choices such as fruits and vegetables.

Fresh fruits are freely distributed on this day as we invite you to join in our green day activities too. In our effort to extend our energy conservation initiatives, the water feature at the lobby area will also be off two hours earlier than usual on Go Green Days.

Treetops Experience
MIND – Mindfulness about the Environment: CONSERVATION & RECYCLING

Understanding the growing concerns on environmental issues faced in today’s society, Treetops seeks to do our part to make the world a greener place by actively practicing Corporate Social Responsibility for a worth global cause.

Since the start of Treetops’ Go Green Project in 2009, green retrofits and initiatives such as the Tri-Gen system and Green Linen Programme have been able to help reduce our impact on the environment. Through shared commitment and concerted efforts by the Treetops team, we are proud to have been able to set the frontier in reducing our overall ecological footprints with the following achievements:

Water Savings

Treetops saves up to 965,000 Litres of water each year through the implementation of the Go Green Project as well as the Green Linen Programme, which reduced the frequency of guest apartments’ linen change to twice a week. The water saved by Treetops each year is enough for each guest to take 7,720 times of 5 minutes worth of shower for 21 years!

Energy Savings & Carbon Emissions

With our Tri-Gen system and many other energy saving initiatives, Treetops has reduced our energy consumption by more than 50%. In terms of carbon footprint, the same amount of energy saved is equivalent to a 1,543 tonnes per annum reduction in CO2 emission. This is equivalent to the total amount of Carbon being filtered by 36,277 trees across a decade.

Apart from this, recycling bins are also conveniently located within the premises to encourage recycling amongst our guests. All wastes from the apartments are also sorted into recyclables and non-recyclables at our Central Bin Centre prior to final disposal to further improve the percentage of waste being recycled.

Each and every one is important in contributing to our overall environmental sustainability. Treetops hopes to inspire you to embrace eco-living habits by incorporating Green practices into your daily lifestyles even when you return home.

Treetops Experience
BODY – Excellent Indoor Air Quality

Statistics have shown that guests staying in serviced apartments’ spend more time in the apartment than hotel guests. All apartments in Treetops are equipped with air filtering systems. These systems help remove harmful dust particles and bacteria in the air that can be detrimental to human health. At the same time, they ensure an adequate supply of Oxygen indoors by reducing unnecessary amounts of Carbon Dioxide within the apartments. Readings taken during our regular air quality checks have shown that the indoor air quality within our apartment is superior to outdoor air.

Treetops Experience
BODY – Smoking & Non-Smoking Apartments

Well separated Smoking & Non-Smoking apartments ensure that the non-smoking guests staying at Treetops can enjoy an environment free from the smell of cigarettes. Smokers have designated smoking areas and will be discouraged from smoking in certain areas of the premises.

Treetops Experience
BODY –  Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Materials & Less Toxic Misting Treatments against Mosquitoes

Cleaning materials used in our apartments are certified as more environmental-friendly. Treetops also uses less toxic misting treatment against mosquitoes instead of fogging. The BISTAR misting treatment, as certified by the National Environmental Agency of Singapore, emits less unhealthy fumes, and therefore minimizes the exposure of chemicals that are harmful to both our body and the environment.

Treetops Experience
BODY – Orthopedic Mattresses

Sleep better at Treetops. Treetops provides only certified orthopedic mattresses designed by top orthopedic surgeons and clinicians from leading medical centre in all our apartments. Rest and enjoy a night of quality sleep with our ergonomically-designed mattresses that provides optimal orthopedic support.

Treetops Experience
BODY – Bathroom Amenities with Organic Origins

Since 2009, all in-room toiletries used are made from organic and natural-based ingredients, free from harmful chemicals so that you can enjoy environmentally-friendly and non-toxic bathroom amenities with a greater peace of mind. Produced by an environmentally conscious company, the product packaging are made from recyclable materials. 

Treetops Experience
BODY – Healthier Food Selection

Dining experience here at Treetops is more than just eating. It is a culinary experience centered on a balanced diet, fresh ingredients, healthier options and a shared sense of environmental and social responsibility. Aside from local delicacies and western delights, the Sunbird Terrace Café at Treetops also offers a delectable selection of healthier food for the more health conscious.

Treetops Experience
BODY – Energy Efficient Hot Water Supply

Treetops has achieved greater energy efficiency by replacing individual electronic hot water heaters in all the apartments with an energy efficient centralised hot water system powered by the waste heat captured via our Tri-Gen green retrofit system. With this green retrofit, hot water is supplied continuously to all the rooms at Treetops, 24 hours a day, so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted and relaxing hot shower or bath any day, any time.

guest activities
SOUL –  Join our Local Cultural Guest Activities

Various guest activities are held all year round at Treetops, each inspired by Singapore’s vibrant and unique cultural heritage. This is part of Treetops’ endeavour as a brand ambassador to constantly promote Singapore as an ideal destination for both business and leisure, as well as to elevate your stay experience into a more memorable one. These activities showcase Singapore as a vibrant, multi-cultural society and allow you to better understand different traditions, festivals and celebrations in Singapore.

Arts and Culture Treetops Go Green Icon
SOUL – Be Inspired: Arts & Culture at Every Corner of Treetops

Arts and Culture has been carefully incorporated into many corners of Treetops, so that each stay with us is uniquely memorable. Nourishing the Mind and Soul is not a luxury here, where you can enjoy birds chirping against the refreshing sounds of cascading waterfall, indulge in some quiet moments along the outdoor pool, or take a pause and be awed by the visually inspiring selection of paintings and artworks along the corridors. The art pieces and artefacts are also unique to each apartment, so that you can always experience something different each time you are back with us at Treetops.