Treetops Health & Safety Protocols

Dear Guest,

To manage the spread of Covid-19 and safeguard the health and safety of our guests and staff during this period, we will be implementing the following measures for all residents and guests staying at Treetops.

Notification of COVID status, health notices, alerts and orders

You are required to inform Guest Services immediately if any of the registered occupants in your residence:

  1. has tested positive on a Covid-19 antigen rapid test (ART) or polymerase chain reactive (PCR) test.* or
  2. receives a health alert, notice or order from the Ministry of Health or other Singapore governmental authority (the 'Authorities') pertaining to Covid-19, including a Health Risk Warning, Health Risk Alert, Stay Home Notice, Leave of Absence, Quarantine Order, or Isolation Order; or

In addition to complying with the directions set out in the health alert, notice or order issued by the Authorities, you must also comply with any prevailing protocols and procedures that we have implemented to protect the health and safety of residents, guests and staff at Treetops. Your cooperation will enable us to render prompt and appropriate assistance and advice to you and other residents in making the necessary arrangements in the relevant situations.

Penalties for non-compliance

We wish to remind all residents that under the Infectious Diseases Act, a person who fails to comply with a health alert, notice or order issued by the Authorities pertaining to Covid-19 may be prosecuted for such non-compliance. In the event of any breach of safe management measures by residents or their guests on our premises, or failure to comply with a health alert, notice or order from the Authorities, the penalty imposed by the Authorities shall be fully borne by such residents or their guests. We also reserve the right to recover from such residents or their guests all fines imposed and/or losses suffered by Treetops as a result of such breach or failure to comply.

*Please note that the windows in the apartment are strictly not allowed to be opened at all times. If there is a balcony in your apartment, please ensure that the balcony door is closed at all times.

Additional Arrangements during a Covid Positive Situation

In the unfortunate event should you/any occupants contract COVID-19, Guest Services will contact you to render our assistance. As long as you/any occupants are still tested positive on the ART, only take-away is allowed at Sunbird Café and the use of enclosed common facilities (i.e. Gym) that involve mask-off activities is not allowed.

If you wish to sit at the balcony, please keep your mask on at all times if you are Covid positive.

  • You are strictly not allowed to leave the apartment during a Quarantine/Isolation period/Duration which one is still tested COVID positive.
  • Housekeeping & Maintenance Services will not be available during this period.
  • Linen and towels will be provided for use in the apartment for the duration of the Quarantine/Isolation period. All soiled linen and towels will only be cleared at the end of the above period.
  • Bin bags will be provided in the apartment to discard rubbish. Please ensure that the bin bags are properly tied before calling Guest Services at ext #6 for its removal. A staff member will press the door bell and stand away from the door. Please wear a mask to place the rubbish outside the door when you hear the doorbell.
  • If there are any minor defects in the apartment e.g. fused light bulb, it will be attended to only after the above period. Major defects such as disruptions to your electrical or water supply will be attended to promptly, with safety management measures in place.

Updated as of July 2023.